Russia bans several Canadian pro-cannabis activists from entering its territory

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Russia has barred access to its territory to a handful of Canadian cannabis activists, as well as a long list of politicians and former politicians, judges, military leaders, bankers, chiefs companies, journalists…

“Turns out I was banned from entering Russia along with 657 other Canadians,” Dana Larsen wrote on Twitter. “Strange to be on a list that includes Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper and John Horgan.”

“I happen to be one of the Canadian citizens who were banned from Russia…?! “, tweeted Jodie Emery. “It’s pretty crazy to see! »

As reminded StratCannin March, Russia had already sanctioned hundreds of MPs and other Canadians, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly and Defense Minister Anita Anand, in retaliation for support for the Ukraine.

A few weeks later, the list grows and now includes hundreds of other Canadians, including the four Canadian pro-cannabis activists.

Jodie and Marc Emery are known for their activism around the Cannabis Culture brand. The couple also briefly ran a handful of cannabis dispensaries as legalization approached. Marc spent several years in an American prison for “selling seeds”.

Dana Larsen has operated a cannabis dispensary in downtown Vancouver for over a decade and is a key player in the cannabis legalization scene in the city and the country. He also currently runs a psilocybin dispensary.

Blair Longley took the helm of the Marijuana Party of Canadahas in 2004.

Donald McPherson is the Executive Director of the NGO Canadian Drug Policy Coalition. Since 2020, he is also president of theInternational Drug Policy Consortiumbased in Amsterdam.

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