Quick Hit July 2022: what we have missed in recent weeks

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Regular Newsweed consumers will have noticed that we have been on hiatus for the past 2 weeks. Spoiler: the same thing will happen in August. But since the news does not await us, here is a recap of what has happened in the meantime on the planet Cannabis.


The Union of CBD Professionals (UPCBD) positions itself against the marketing of HHC, because of the impossibility “of certifying consumption without danger for users, especially since the composition and traceability of the products that contain it contain appear unverifiable”.


The very first meeting of European countries in the process of legalizing cannabis was held in Luxembourg and at the initiative of the Grand Duchy. Germany, Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands discussed legalization and regulation at this historic joint meeting. Bruno Lemaire, François Braun and Gérald Darmanin were not invited. Amazing, right?

Shortly after this meeting, the mayor of Brussels and vice-president of the Belgian PS said he was in favor of the legalization of cannabis: “Criminalizing it puts part of our youth in the hands of criminal networks”.

For her part, British Home Secretary Priti Patel wants to confiscate their passports and driving licenses from drug users as part of a new government crackdown. She said the move shows the government is “cracking down on drug use” which is “a scourge on society”. Gerald, is that you?

In Ireland, a High Court challenge could allow the island to lift a blanket ban on CBD products by October.

Big losses and disappointments for the investors of JuicyFields, which promised regular remuneration in exchange for a financial participation in the cultivation of hemp for CBD or medical cannabis. To the best of our understanding, it would appear that after the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority banned anyone in Germany from investing in the platform in early June, the company failed to produce the necessary supporting documentation, and that ‘a strike was announced internally, the founders left with the fund and disappeared into thin air, leaving all of the crowdgrowers.


The US Congress appears ready to send the first-ever cannabis bill to Joe Biden’s desk. The House of Representatives and the Senate have collaborated on a cannabis research bill that lawmakers are expected to vote on this week. It is a combination of research bills that have already been passed by both houses.

The President’s daughter-in-law was seen leaving a cannabis dispensary in Malibu, California, escorted by a Secret Service agent. The title of the article could have been “A woman buys a legal product” but it was less sales.

Rest of the world

UN experts have called for ending the “war on drugs” and promoting policies based on human rights.

Philippine Senator Robinhood Padilla wants to legalize medical cannabis as an “alternative means of medical treatment” in a country that is more than hostile to the plant. Under the bill, cannabis, which refers to products such as capsules and oil, not raw cannabis, could be used for “incapacitating medical conditions” of “qualified patients”.

For its part, Indonesia has so far refused calls to legalize medical cannabis. Nevertheless, “the Constitutional Court has only transferred the responsibility to the government by asking it to immediately carry out investigations”.

Cookies will open a store in Thailand next August and will not only sell clothes there following the quasi-official legalization of cannabis in the country.


Hemp essential oil (EO) could serve as a natural pesticide “because of its environmentally friendly cultivation, its many end products that can be obtained beyond EO (fibers, foods, etc.), its interesting mechanisms of action, as well as the renewed interest and recent regulations allowing and facilitating its large-scale cultivation. »

An interesting study looked closely at the levels of endocannabinoids circulating in our bodies in light of alcohol consumption. It would seem that “alcohol reduces the levels of AEA (anandamide) with increasing exposure”. Maybe that’s why cannabis is sometimes used in alcohol addiction to restore natural endocannabinoid levels?

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