Tips for Outdoor Cannabis Growing

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we have compiled a series of tips for growing cannabis outdoors. They are basic notions for outdoor Outdoor Cannabis Growing crops to come to fruition and provide us with great cannabis crop harvests.

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Before Starting Outdoor Growing Of Cannabis

1.- Choice of the place of cultivation

Cannabis is a plant that loves the sun, therefore we must find a well-lit area, making sure that there is nothing around it that can cover it with shade.

The crops are usually oriented towards the SOUTH or SOUTH-EAST , in this way the shadows will be oriented towards the North and will not cover our plants.

2.- Don’t talk about your crop

One of the worst pests that exists has only two legs and is of the same species. Do not brag about your cultivation with acquaintances or friends, most of the robberies caused in the crops, end up being someone close to the cultivator.

3.- Choose a seed adapted to your climate

The privileged people who live in hot climates and with little rainfall, will be able to grow any type of variety, regardless of its indica or sativa percentage.

Those who live in colder and more humid areas will have to look for genetics resistant to fungi, with the best choice being short-flowering, sativa-dominant hybrids. The flowers of sativa genetics are fluffier and less dense, facilitating air circulation inside, this hinders the proliferation of fungi.

We had also published a guide on how to select marijuana seeds, take a look there!

4.- Don’t skimp on the substrate

We can make our own substrate, but if we do not really know the needs of cannabis roots, it is better to choose a specialized substrate for growing marijuana. I have seen crops spoiled by buying the universal substrate from the Chinese. Invest something to win!

5.- Good quality fertilisers

The plant needs a good and balanced diet, because a steak is not the same as a hamburger from a fast food chain, right?

Solid fertilisers can be used (worm humus, bat guano, palm ash, fish meal …), they are slow release fertilisers, they will release the nutrients throughout the crop when the plants require it.

Tips for Outdoor Growing of Critical Bang Cannabis, Outdoor Cannabis Growing

On the other hand, we have liquid fertilisers (Advanced Nutrients, BAC, Biobizz, Top Crop …), the plants will have the food immediately.

Tips For Outdoor Growing Of Cannabis

1.- Planting at the right time 

If we are going to grow autoflowering plants, the ideal is to put them in June, because we will be taking advantage of the months with more hours of light of the year.

If we grow photodependent, it all depends on the final size of the plant we want to harvest. For medium plants we will grow in late May or early June; If, on the other hand, we are looking for monstrous plants, we will start the cultivation in March so that they grow at ease.

2.- Adjust the PH and EC levels 

The PH (potential of hydrogen) in the irrigation water is very important, depending on the acidity levels of the water, the plants will be able to assimilate more or less nutrients. To measure it, it is advisable to purchase a digital PH meter, they are by far the most accurate, therefore we will always adjust the water after adding the products we use.

If we water with an inadequate PH, we can cause a nutritional blockage as the salts accumulate, to solve this we carry out a root wash. In the next irrigation, we will add a small dose of fertilizer in the irrigation, little by little the plant will recover.

The EC (electroconductivity) is the ability of a liquid to transfer electricity. Osmotic water has an EC = 0, it does not conduct electricity, we add the salts to it when we add the fertilisers. Depending on the genetics that we grow, it will accept one or other levels of EC, we can ask the cannabis seed institutions about the required feeding.

3.- Take all necessary preventive measures 

Although outside there are natural predators against pests, it is also necessary to take some preventive measure, especially against fungi and pests.

Neem oil and horsetail, for example, will help us keep certain unexpected visitors at bay. The ground eggshell, making a circle around the plants, prevents snails and slugs from approaching.

4.- Make a good 

Pruning can be done during the entire growth phase, if we do it in flowering we will only be able to stress the plant, consequently slowing down its flowering.

A low pruning before entering the flowering, will help us to prevent the attack of fungi. Removing part of the foliage increases the ventilation between the branches.

Pruning can also be used as a height control technique.

7.- Control of the final height of the plants 

There are various techniques to control height, some cause greater stress on our plants than others. Pruning (Apical, FIM, RIB …) are techniques that generate little stress on plants; The supercropping is based on making the stem of the plant explode, being totally bent, if it was done well the next day it will be upright; Finally, the LST (Low Stress Training), in Spanish “low stress training”, is based on tying a string to the branches we bend them outwards.

How To Finish Outdoor Cannabis Growth

1.- Carry out a root wash before cutting 

Tips for Outdoor Cannabis Growing.  Drying

To achieve a healthy harvest, with a good taste and quality, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the roots . This technique consists of watering the plants with triple litres of the capacity, in pots it will be triple the litres of the capacity of the pot and outdoors, triple the hole made.

Root washing is usually done 15 to 20 days before harvesting our plants, getting the plants to expel excess salts before harvesting.

Imagine that outdoors you made a hole to fill with a 50 litre bag of substrate, to wash the roots we will water with 150 litres of water.

2.- Harvest at the right time for Outdoor Cannabis Growing! Patience 

To harvest we can be guided by the recommendations of the Cannabis Growing institutions, although it is not the most reliable, because by planting the same variety, not all of them reach their cutting moment at the same time.

To know the exact moment of when to prune cannabis plants?, we will use a hand microscope, we will be able to observe the trichomes and their color change. Depending on the color of the trichomes, we will obtain one or the other effects.

  1. Clear trichomes: Too soon, not yet time to cut
  2. Milky trichomes: High point of THC, more balanced effect.
  3. Milky trichomes with some amber: Trichomes begin to mature, increasing their narcotic effect
  4. Amber trichomes: Trichomes are opaque amber in color, THC degrades into other less psychoactive cannabinoids such as CBN. The effect is much more narcotic.

We hope that with this list of tips for outdoor cannabis cultivation, it will help you and at the end of the season you will get monstrous plants.

Varieties Outdoor Cultivation Of Cannabis

We asked 5 cannabis growing institutions about which varieties they recommend us for outdoor cultivation this year

1. Super Auto Big Bang from Sputnik Seeds

Super Auto Big Bang by Sputnik Seeds, Outdoor Cannabis Growing

The genetics of the Super Auto Big Bang (indica 60% – sativa 40%) comes from the crossing of Cheese XXL x Mandarin. In outdoor crops, it usually reaches 1.5 meters in height, in some cases it has reached 2 meters in height.

It is harvested in just 80 days, from the beginning of its germination until the day of its harvest. With love, a balanced diet and a lot of love, you will obtain yields of more than 100 grams per plant.

THC levels are around 19% and CBD levels 1.8%, which gives us balanced effects between happiness and relaxation.

2. Northern Light from Royal Queen Seeds:

Northern Light by Royal Queen Seeds, Outdoor Cannabis Growing

We are facing one of the most classic varieties, an indica plant with a strong effect and fruity flavor, having it ready in the second half of September.

When we grow outdoors we can obtain plants of 2 meters in height and between 500 – 600 grams of harvest.

Northern Light is a genetics that has won numerous cups.

3. Quasar from Buddha Seeds

Quasar from Buddha Seeds Bank, Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Quasar genetics is the pure balance between indica and sativa , it comes from a pure indica and a backcrossed sativa.

It has a very vigorous growth and a great capacity for rooting, if we grow in pots, in a matter of two weeks it will ask us for a transplant.

During the flowering phase it is a very gluttonous plant, thanks to this it will provide us with large, compact and very resinous buds.

4. Haze XXL Auto from Dinafem Seeds

Haze XXL Auto from Dinafem Seeds, Outdoor Cannabis Growing

This is an automatic Outdoor Cannabis Growing variety, yet it still keeps all the flavors of the classic Haze. The aroma and flavor of this strain is of church incense, cedar wood, pine and metallic notes.

This is a plant with great resistance to pests and fungi, making its cultivation much easier.

Dinafem recommends it to beginner growers due to its ease of cultivation.

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