Mauritius: the medical cannabis program is taking shape

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Since the reclassification of cannabis by the UN, and the recognition of its medical properties, Mauritius intends to legalize all or part of therapeutic cannabis. And if in 2020, the Minister of Health of Mauritius already announced to get to work, the Mauritian medical cannabis program is only beginning to take shape.

At first, Mauritian medical cannabis was limited to CBD. The latest work from the technical committee that assessed the value of using medical cannabis, however, suggests that it could include medical products based on CBD and THC.

The technical committee also ruled on the types of diseases for which therapeutic cannabis can be used, who can prescribe the drug, what operating protocol to apply, how to obtain a license, how to ensure the training of pharmacists and agencies that will ensure the sale of the drug.

The committee recommends, for example, the establishment of a system for registering patients or cardholders. Medical cannabis products (CBD/THC) should only be used in hospitals. Another important recommendation: only government-licensed or trained specialists will be allowed to prescribe cannabis-based medicines and provide treatment to patients.

A specialist board would also be able to recommend and approve prescriptions for patients referred to the board by a private specialist. The body also recommends the development of a protocol to support patients visiting abroad who take medical cannabis.

Load now at Steering Committee put in place to apply the recommendations on the use of therapeutic cannabis. It began its work a few weeks ago, under the chairmanship of the Senior Chief Executive of the Ministry of Health, so that the use of therapeutic cannabis becomes a reality in Mauritius.

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