Morocco: legalization of medical cannabis officially promulgated

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Law 13.21 relating to the legalization of the legal use of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes entered into force in Morocco after its publication in the Official Bulletin of July 22.

This text was approved last May by the House of Representatives by a majority of 119 votes in favor against 48 votes, before being also approved by the House of Councilors.

This law carried by the Ministry of the Interior aims to regulate activities related to the cultivation of cannabis, its production, manufacture, transport, marketing as well as its export and import for medical and industrial purposes, while being subject to authorizations exclusively issued by a specialized agency.

Promote local industry

When the bill was presented to the Chamber of Advisors, Abdelouafi Laftit, the Minister of the Interior, recalled that this text opened up prospects for development for the benefit of the population of the areas affected by the illicit cultivation of cannabis.

He also indicated that the Moroccan interior ministry carried out field studies which demonstrated the catastrophic effects of illicit cannabis cultivation on the health of citizens and soil pollution due to deforestation and overexploitation of the water table. phreatic. Referring to the positive impact of the bill on the national economy in general and local development in particular, the minister said that these studies revealed that Morocco had strong potential allowing it to position itself on the world markets for this plant. , which are experiencing significant growth rates.

Drafted in accordance with the Kingdom’s international commitments, Bill 13.21 aims to submit all activities related to the cultivation, production, processing, transport, marketing, export and import of cannabis medical, hemp and their products to a system of authorizations and licenses, favoring local actors, through a national regulatory agency.

The legalization of medical cannabis in Morocco will also allow farmers to join agricultural cooperatives that will supply cannabis to manufacturing and exporting companies.

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