Many members of law enforcement have a dissenting opinion of drug prohibition policy. Among them is Bénédicte Desforges, a former police officer who worked in the field in...

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How To Make Cannamilk In 10 Easy Steps

Cannamilk is a great way to consume marijuana. You can either drink it down directly or use it as an ingredient in other pot...

CBD Honey Sticks: What They Are And What You Need To Know

Honey is a delicious and nutritious food all by itself. But mix in a bit of CBD and you’ve got a tasty treat that...

How to make cannabis butter

The versatility of cannabis is indisputable even by those who do not love this plant. This time we are going to explain the recipe...

How To Make Cannabis Bread

Cannabis recipes have more and more followers, And we are not surprised! Consuming Cannabis with food such as cannabis bread is one of the...

Cannabis Recipes: Tips for Cooking with Marijuana

Cooking with marijuana is fun and gives you an amazing high. However, it can be dangerous if not done carefully. We have repeated on many occasions...

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