Discover the e-liquid manufacturing process

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Why is a “homemade e-liquid” very complex to make? Quite simply because the manufacturing techniques go far beyond the simple mixing of ingredients. Want to know how e-liquids are made? Follow the leader !

Before preparation: checks

Manufacturing plants receive raw materials in bulk. Stored in buffer zones, they wait to be analyzed in order to verify the composition in good and due form. Indeed, a poor composition of the base inevitably leads to the destruction of the finished product. So to avoid losses, it is essential to control upstream.

The same goes for the production of aromas. These are designed in specific laboratories with precision beyond comprehension. Some flavors require up to a year of testing to arrive at the perfect result and must be analyzed before use.

Finally, nicotine arrives at manufacturing plants in its concentrated form. Handling requires full equipment in order to avoid any danger. Hermetic pumping systems allow integration into e-liquids to avoid any oxidation.

Discover the e-liquid manufacturing process

The preparation of e-liquids

Once the propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavors and nicotine are validated by the laboratory, production can start. The cans are manufactured on demand and in an automated way. A simple barcode allows the robotic arms to know the composition of the desired e-liquid. It is then a concerto of automated mechanisms that meticulously compose the preparation under the watchful eye of an employee. The precision scale attests to the composition, because it is determined by the weight of the raw materials.

Each can is then sent on a new line to produce the famous vials of e-liquid in a glass enclosure to prevent dust particles from entering the bottles.

Finally comes the packaging stage, also automated to save time. This is also the time when the analysis laboratory carries out random tests by taking a sample from each production, in order to verify the correct composition. The e-liquids are then stored awaiting dispatch.

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