Zippo celebrates its 90th anniversary

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10 years to go until the 100 year jubilee! But for now, Zippo is celebrating its 90th anniversary, an opportunity to offer new limited edition products, but also an incredible offer. Zoom on the little Zippo birthday party to which all customers are invited!

Zippo’s 90th birthday: let’s celebrate!

There is no need to introduce the famous American brand of lighters again. Having distinguished itself from its competitors by its inimitable noise, which is the subject of a registered trademark, and its various partnerships with major personalities or brands, Zippo is a worldwide success.

In 2022, Zippo celebrates its 90 years of success with a small birthday party where all customers, whether loyal or new, are invited. To participate, we don’t have to move since it takes the form of an exclusive offer. Indeed, it is not Zippo who receives gifts for his birthday, but you!

Two limited-edition collectible lighters

Two Zippo models for the 2022 edition are available for purchase. All clad in polished chrome, the former proudly displays the age of the brand as well as the red flame symbol and logo of Zippo. The second immortalizes a particular event, since on June 3, the 600 millionth zippo lighter came out of manufacturing plants in the United States. To mark the occasion, George Duke, the current big boss from the 3rd family generation, wanted to create a limited edition. This 600 million storm lighter is designed in polished chrome and the 360° laser engraving reveals grid patterns. This limited edition was released in only 20,000 copies worldwide.

For the occasion, Zippo offers you 50% off the 600 million lighter for any purchase of a 90-year-old lighter. To take advantage of this offer, simply put your 90-year-old lighter in the basket, then add the 600 million lighter. Don’t forget to use the code PARTY90 when confirming your order. The discount will be applied automatically at the time of payment.

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