5 good practices implemented by Naturalpes to combine ecology and economy

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Naturalpes, a pioneering company in Switzerland in the production and processing of CBD cannabis, recently obtained B-Corp certification, thus rewarding its deep commitment to ecology and its desire to put the environment at the heart of its concerns, even before its economic imperatives.

By adopting five rules that put ecology before economy, Naturalpes is paving the way for sustainable business practices, hoping to inspire other companies in the sector to do the same, to protect plants, people and the planet.

The first rule put in place by Naturalpes is to give priority to local partners, thus reducing emissions and energy expenditure related to their activity and transport, while promoting the various players in their beautiful region of the Swiss Alps. The company’s partners (bottlers, cartoners, etc.) are located within a maximum radius of 300 km, while the main suppliers and service providers are located within a radius of less than 50 km.

These short distances allow the company to minimize its emissions due to transport. This last point is an integral part of the second rule put in place by Naturalpes: reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible.

To do so, they limit waste as much as possible or recycle it. This commitment is also reflected in the company’s packaging, which is made from more than 80% recycled materials, as well as in the rigorous choice of equipment and office supplies, all part of a sustainable approach.

The third rule implemented by the company is the labeling of all its raw materials by Bio Suisse. Because to exploit the benefits of CBD cannabis, it all starts with the land with responsible and sustainable farming practices.

The fourth rule that Naturalpes follows is to use only natural ingredients in its products, thus avoiding the use of synthetic additives, preservatives or chemicals that could harm the environment or consumers. Naturalpes relies on the natural properties of hemp to manufacture high quality CBD products.

Finally, Naturalpes makes it a point of honor to favor the well-being and fulfillment of its employees, by paying active and benevolent attention to their needs, by cultivating a common vision and by creating a warm working environment for Foster healthy and respectful professional relationships.

Naturalpes is therefore proud to be an example to follow in terms of sustainable business practices, hoping to inspire others in the sector to adopt a similar approach. By putting ecology before economy, the company not only protects the environment, but also ensures the long-term sustainability of its activities, in line with the growing demand for sustainable products.

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