In Argentina, the sale of cannabis seeds is now legal

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Under a resolution of the National Institute of Seeds (INASE), the purchase and sale of cannabis seeds is now legal in Argentina.

Resolution 260/2022 , which was published this Tuesday, July 5 in the Official Journal of the Nation, establishes that “The organs of propagation of plants of the identified class of Cannabis sativa L., must bear a mention of the cultivar on the label in a mandatory manner from from the date of entry into force of this resolution. »

Thus, the regulations allow not only the sale of seeds, but also that of cuttings and plants.

In addition, only varieties registered with INASE may thus be sold: “the introduction and/or dissemination on national territory, for marketing purposes, of seeds of the species Cannabis sativa L., cannot be carried out only after registration of the variety or varieties of the said species in the national register of cultivars”.

Article 3 warns that INASE will not process any import of cannabis seeds whose variety has not been previously registered in the National Cultivar Registry or is in the process of being registered. Priority will thus be given to the development of Argentine genetic material.

Only research projects approved by the Argentine Ministry of Health will be exempted from the obligation to legally register varieties.

To be able to sell cannabis seeds, any growshop will be able to register with the national register of trade and seed control on the dedicated platform. The procedure is chargeable and takes about a week, the costs depending on the category in which the person registers. The sale authorization will last for one year.

Safety label for the marketing of cannabis seeds

The resolution also stresses that “propagation organs must be marketed using the INASE safety label”. This label must include the following specifications:

  • Name and address of the identifier and registration number in the national seed trade and control register
  • Common and botanical name of the species
  • CULTIVAR name
  • net content
  • Country of origin, in case of imported material
  • Harvest year
  • Minimum percentage of germination, in the case of botanical seeds
  • Percentage of physico-botanical PURITY
  • “TREATED SEEDS – POISON”: in red letters if the seed or organ has been treated with a seed treatment

Finally, a legend should also be included stating: “With respect to germination, Supplier is responsible to Buyer within FORTY-FIVE (45) days from date of shipment of goods or within the deadline set by mutual agreement between the parties. »

However, the cultivation of cannabis without authorization is still prohibited. However, the country has just authorized associations to cultivate for their patients.

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