Joe Biden: ‘I don’t think anyone should be in jail for using cannabis’

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Joe Biden made his first public comments on cannabis since taking office more than a year ago, after being asked about his campaign promise to free those incarcerated for nonviolent federal cannabis-related offenses.

“I don’t think anyone should be in jail for using cannabis,” Joe Biden said July 17 in response to a question from Steven Nelson of the New York Post.

“We are currently working on a crime bill,” added the president, without it being clear what legislation he was referring to.

During the press conference on Thursday July 25, the journalist from New York Post Steven Nelson followed up on those questions, asking White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre whether the president also thinks those convicted federally of selling cannabis should be eligible for help and whether the The crime bill that Biden referred to “excludes any possibility of mass amnesty.”

Karine Jean-Pierre first pointed out that the president in April granted reduced sentences to 78 people, including those convicted of non-violent federal drug offenses.

“He continues to evaluate other uses of his clemency powers. We don’t have any further announcements to make at this time – but I can tell you that’s what he did during his administration,” she said, not addressing the role that a future legislation could play out and ignore the question of whether people who sell cannabis should stay in jail.

Since Joe Biden took office, advocates of cannabis regulation have been frustrated by the President’s lack of specificity and limited action in opposition to his campaign pledge to release those jailed for cannabis. electoral.

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