BIC or Clipper, what are the differences?

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If BIC seems to be an unbeatable lighter manufacturer, Clipper remains its main global competitor. Zoom on these two brands and the differences between their so popular lighters.

The BIC vs. Clipper War

On one side of the ring: BIC is a French company born in the post-war period in 1945. First specializing in pens, it has diversified by offering disposable lighters. The brand quickly became known throughout the world and its success never ceased.

On the other side, Flamagas, a Spanish company existing since 1972 and recognized for its lawn mowers. It in turn diversified into making disposable lighters, better known as Clippers. Contrary to popular belief, these are the very first refillable lighters in the world.

For several years, the war between BIC has been the Clipper lighters is palpable, even if BIC remains largely in the lead in sales. Flamagas remains the pioneer of the disposable lighter even if its products are recharged. BIC simply launched the same type of product with greater communication and design.

The difference between BIC and Clippers lighters

Clippers lighters are known for their durability, thanks to minimal gas consumption. But what makes it famous is that it is almost infinitely rechargeable. In addition, very robust, it does not get damaged if it falls on the ground unlike other lighters that explode.

For their part, the BIC lighters have an original design, sometimes in limited series and are offered at an unbeatable price. Their flame is adjustable and they are now available in mini, classic and maxi versions. There is even a special series for women, with a more feminine design and colors.

Both brands of lighters are secure, meet specific specifications and current safety standards. They are also easy to use and have a safety feature so that children cannot use them.

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