Peru: Congress authorizes associative self-cultivation of medical cannabis

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The Peruvian Congress has approved a bill that now allows patient associations registered in the official registry to cultivate cannabis for medical use. Peru legalized medical cannabis in 2017.

The Plenary Assembly of the Congress of the Republic of Peru approved the incorporation and modification of the articles of Law 30681, which regulates the medicinal and therapeutic use of cannabis and its derivatives, thus guaranteeing access to those who use it. need.

The initiative was presented by members of Congress Rocío Silva Santiesteban, Alberto de Belaunde de Cárdenas, Daniel Olivares, Daniel Urresti and Luis Andrés Roel.

With 100 votes for, zero against and four abstentions, the national representation approved the replacement text of PL 6532 on the first vote.

What does the self-cultivation of medicinal cannabis in Peru allow?

The new proposal amends the Criminal Code and the previous law and adds:

  • that persons registered in the National Registry of Cannabis Users (or their representatives) can form associations and obtain a license to cultivate the plant
  • that access to cannabis is guaranteed to patients who need it without the cost being a barrier
  • that the associative culture be regulated by the State of Peru
  • that patients and relatives who today already produce their own plant derivatives stop being criminalized

According to Daniel Urresti, head of the Defense Commission, this new regulation will benefit more than 50,000 people.

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