CBD Dundees: Success in the world of hemp, the revival of a sector!

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A company from Lyon acts as a locomotive in the French hemp sector. Maxence G, its founder, is constantly innovating to meet the quality expectations of consumers.

First engaged in the creation of his cbd shop CBD Dundees in Lyon which he propelled with his express delivery service in one hour throughout the city,

he then continued his conquest of the CBD sector by founding his brand of CBD oils and the creation of a specialized sector with the Jungle Kush Company. Portrait of an entrepreneur.

A market with great potential

Booming for 4 years now, the French CBD market has seen many assaults from the French government.

The World Health Organization (WHO) presented a report in 2017 which concluded that CBD was not harmful to health. It does not produce the psychoactive effects typically seen with cannabinoids such as THC. It is therefore not a drug. “ “

[…] “The WHO stated in a 2017 report that CBD is not harmful or toxic to your health. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to the dosages of each product. The advice of a doctor or health professional is recommended.

Driven against a background of legal uncertainty when the absence of a ban was worth authorizing, cannabidiol wellness products have aroused unparalleled enthusiasm. So much so that professionals in the sector estimate that the CBD market today represents around 250 million euros for France and 3.4 billion dollars worldwide for an annual growth of 20%. For good reason, the global CBD market in 2021 raised $2.8 billion.

Choosing the arena of justice to defend the destigmatization of CBD, associated with cannabis, entrepreneurs in the hemp sector have multiplied lawsuits and appeals. The first major battle was waged before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) with the Kanavape case, which cleverly focused the debate on respect for the free movement of goods. The judgment of the Court, in November 2020, establishes that “a Member State cannot prohibit the marketing of cannabidiol lawfully produced in another Member State”.

It is a disavowal for the French government. A decisive victory which does not, however, undermine its desire to restrict the marketing of hemp wellness products. He counterattacks by publishing a decree on December 30, 2021 to ban the sale of CBD flowers in their raw state, products which constitute the bulk of sales.

Thus, although it is the official recognition in France of the legality of the CBD, the sector is not satisfied with this Pyrrhic victory and launches an appeal before the Council of State which decides to suspend this ban the time to study the merits of the case.

A Lyon company

A visionary, Maxence Gotte was able to adapt his ambitions to the abrupt changes in regulations. Risk of a ban on the sale of CBD flowers in their raw state? Never mind ! Responding to an ambition anchored since his beginnings in the CBD business, the entrepreneur has concretized his vision with several ranges of CBD oils and also in the French culture of hemp.

“CBD oils are designed to meet the strictest quality requirements of our customers. Soon distributed in pharmacies, we have really worked to develop natural formulas combining the benefits of CBD and adaptogenic plants that effectively meet different needs: sleep, stress, energy and pain”.

At the same time, he has invested in the development of CBD Dundees by actively involving himself with his teams in the search for new products to enrich the selection of CBD flowers offered for sale and offers brands such as Marie-Jeanne, Ignite , Jane, Jungle label…

Thought on the start-up mode, the company contributes to the vitality of the Lyon ecosystem and testifies well to the turning point taken by the Lyon business landscape. The metropolis is attracting more and more young shoots at the forefront of innovation in niche sectors with high CBD potential such as AI (artificial intelligence).

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