Australian Greens push for cannabis legalization

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The Australian Greens are preparing a campaign to legalize cannabis, an initiative already launched in 2018.

According The Guardianthe Greens, on the advice of a constitutional lawyer, argue that the Australian Parliament could override the laws of the various Australian states on the matter.

“The council suggests that there are three heads of power in the Commonwealth that would enable it to legalize and regulate the use of cannabis, the clearest route being through part of section 51, which relates to copyrights , patents for inventions and designs, and registered trademarks,” reports The Guardian.

The Guardian reports that lawyer Patrick Keyzer relies on the part of the article relating to “copyright, patents for invention and design, and trade marks”, claiming that he empowers the Commonwealth to ” regulate varieties of cannabis as plant varieties and include them in a list over which the Commonwealth has exclusive regulatory control”.

“We have been told for too long to wait for cannabis law reform, even though it is clear that the majority of the damage caused is due to the police and the war on drugs, not to the plant” , said David Shoebridge, spokesman for the Greens, in a statement on Monday.

“Recreational cannabis is enjoyed by millions of people in Australia and around the world, and to claim otherwise is increasingly ridiculous,” Shoebridge added. “At least 40% of Australians have used cannabis and any laws that make nearly half of us criminals must go. »

A poll earlier this year found Australians were split on whether to change marijuana laws in the country, with 50% saying they support comprehensive cannabis reform.

The Greens aren’t the only party pushing for cannabis reform. Earlier this year, the Australian party Legalize Cannabis exceeded expectations in senatorial elections and came close to securing a seat.

Cannabis has already been decriminalized in the Australian Capital Territory, where the government announced earlier this year that it would decriminalize other small amounts of illicit drugs. South Australia also announced that it was tabling a cannabis legalization bill last May.

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