British lawyer ditches horsehair wig for hemp wig

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A young British lawyer upends the age-old tradition that lawyers wear wigs made of white horsehair. He launched vegan court wigs made from hemp and began selling them to his fellow lawyers for £600 each.

The traditional wigs worn by lawyers in England and Wales date back to the 17th century and have been made from white horsehair since 1822. Samuel March, the mastermind behind these biodegradable and eco-friendly wigs, offers an alternative to traditional headdresses.

“As a vegan, I oppose all forms of animal exploitation, from wanton cruelty like bullfighting or fox hunting, to the industrial-scale cruelty of factory farming, to by more subtle forms of cruelty that nonetheless involve the ownership and commodification of animal bodies,” commented Samuel.

“For me, horsehair is at the bottom end. Sure, it’s conceivable that there are ways to harvest it without immediate physical pain, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t exploitative. I refuse to sponsor the exploitation of horses by purchasing expensive items made from animal products, as it adds value to the practice of owning and selling them as parts. »

“That’s why I decided to make wigs accessible to everyone.”

Within 48 hours of unveiling his idea, he had received more than 30 order requests. All proceeds from the wigs will go to causes that advance animal welfare.

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