How to recognize CBD flowers and not to confuse them with cannabis?

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Today, it is possible in France to buy CBD flowers in stores or on the Internet. It is legal to obtain CBD or CBD products, as long as the level of THC present in these products does not exceed 0.2%. When you don’t know much about products, CBD and cannabis in general, you often wonder how to tell the difference between CBD flowers and cannabis? It is possible that you are afraid of buying the wrong product, for this we will explain how to recognize CBD flowers, and not to confuse them with cannabis.

The CBD flower and the cannabis flower: two different varieties

It is important to remember that the CBD flower and the cannabis flower are very different. The CBD flower has a low THC content, this is the big difference with the cannabis flower, and this is what makes it legal in France. Cannabis and its flower will have a high THC content. This particular cannabinoid is a substance that alters the mind of the consumer. Because of THC, cannabis is illegal in France, consumers put their health at risk. CBD is not going to have a bad impact on a person’s mind by consuming it from time to time, or even regularly.

In France, it is possible to cultivate, import and use the CBD flower under certain conditions. In recent years, many specialized stores and websites dedicated to this product have emerged. The French let themselves be tempted and discover thanks to different products the benefits of CBD on their bodies. If you want to consume CBD, you can buy CBD flowers, but also products already processed and consumable directly: CBD oil, CBD infusion, CBD e-liquid for electronic cigarettes …

CBD flowers: flowers from hemp

What exactly are CBD flowers? First of all, you have to understand that CBD comes from hemp, a plant that is very well known in the industrial world. At the time, many clothes were made from hemp. There are two types of hemp, two genera: male plants and female plants. The flowers come from the female plants. Once ripe, they are harvested, cleaned and ready to sell.

Of course, for CBD to be marketed legally, the production chain is studied and controlled from A to Z. It is essential that the finished product complies with the public health code. Thanks to these controls, the THC content is kept at less than 0.2%. If you buy CBD legally, you can be sure that you are not consuming too much THC. CBD flowers are cannabis flowers without THC, period.

CBD is not considered a drug

Cannabis is a drug, so are cannabis flowers. They are consumed for recreational purposes. A cannabis user will experience effects that can alter his mind, these effects come from the presence of THC, a rate much higher than 0.2%. This rate classifies this substance as a drug.

Another cannabinoid found in cannabis is CBD, cannabidiol. In CBD flowers, only this substance is present. It is safe for consumers, does not create any addiction and above all, does not alter the mind. It is not considered a drug.

The benefits of CBD flowers on our body

CBD is gaining more and more followers every year. Now that it is legal in France to buy and consume it, and that the French know that CBD is not a drug, has no psychotropic effect, it is of increasing interest. So why do the French like to consume CBD? Quite simply, because it brings many benefits and has positive effects on the human body and the mind. Numerous articles on the web and testimonials from people taking CBD daily praise the benefits of CBD.

CBD flowers have many properties that can bring you well-being in your daily life. They can be consumed to treat sleep disorders, to fight against anxiety and anxiety attacks, to reduce stress. For chronic pain and inflammation, CBD provides a lot of relief, and this, in a natural way, without taking medication. If you are on treatment, you can take CBD, if your doctor agrees, but be aware that CBD will not replace a treatment given upstream, so it is important not to stop it. CBD is not miraculous, it brings relief and may allow you to relax and will not help you heal.

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