Boralia: CBD and well-being

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With its CBD concept store mixing black and wood, like a contrast to the Scandinavian-style shops, Boralia leaves its mark in the 15th arrondissement of Paris and online.

The brand, founded by two enthusiasts of plant and alternative medicine, offers well-being products based on cannabinoids with the ambition of helping everyone to live a healthier life.

A prerequisite: to offer only superior quality products, from organic and natural farming. The products sold by Boralia are all laboratory tested, guaranteed chemical-free, pesticide-free and without traces of heavy metals and comply with European standards.

What CBD products can you find at Boralia?

Boralia wants to make the benefits of CBD accessible to everyone. Full spectrum CBD organic oils and capsules, CBG and CBN oils, CBD flowers and CBD resins are thus present in the Boralia boutique.

Boralia CBD Oils

Boralia CBD and CBG oils

The oils are made in France, based on hemp oil or MCT oil flavored with red fruits or citrus fruits. CBD, CBG or CBN extracts are used alone or in conjunction to target different and specific effects. CBD oil will particularly help with physical relaxation while CBG works more on mental relaxation. CBN would have more effects on sleep problems and appetite.

Hemp extract also comes in CBD capsules, for ease of intake and the advantage of a longer effect.

Boralia CBD FlowersBoralia CBD Flowers

Boralia CBD Flowers

In terms of flowers and resins, the products are chosen in Europe with natural levels of CBD, between 5 and 8%, and less than 0.3% THC. CBD varieties such as AC/DC, Cannasutra or Gelato are offered for sale, with the guarantee that they do not contain pesticides or heavy metals.

The resins are available in several textures and percentage of CBD: Caramello at 13% CBD, Pollen Lemon Haze at 25% CBD or Ice-o-lator at 80% CBD.

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