3 Moroccan provinces authorized to cultivate cannabis

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The Moroccan Government Council, meeting last Thursday, clarified by decree certain provisions of Law No. 13.21 relating to the legal use of cannabis in Morocco. The new text, which still authorizes the legalization of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes, gives an idea of ​​the contours of this future legal market.

The most notable point is the delimitation of the areas that will be able to accommodate the cultivation of cannabis. The decree now sets the regions in which it will be permitted to authorize activities related to the cultivation, production, establishment and exploitation of cannabis. The provinces of Al Hoceima, Chefchaouen and Taounate, which already grow cannabis, were initially selected, with the possibility of adding other provinces following the interest shown by national and international investors.

In addition to an economic vocation, the Moroccan legalization project has above all a social vocation, in particular to take out the historical growers who have an environment and a climate conducive to the cultivation of cannabis, ancestral knowledge, but work for the black market.

The text also emphasizes that the National Regulatory Agency will be the body in charge of issuing licenses. To prevent the exploitation of legal cannabis for illegal purposes, it will need to receive detailed monthly reports from licensees on the status of seeds, plants and finished cannabis products.

The project also provides for the setting up of an Advisory Commission which will be in charge of examining applications for authorizations and giving its opinion on them. Chaired by the Director General of the Agency or his representative, this commission will bring together the representatives of the departments concerned.

This regulatory provision also authorizes the Ministries of the Interior, Agriculture, Health, Commerce and Industry to rule on the cultivation, production, processing, manufacture, transport and export. cannabis. These authorities will also be able to decide on the tetrahydrocannabinol content of the varieties that will be imported and cultivated.

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