Lausanne will legally sell cannabis from September

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The third Swiss pilot test, the aim of which is to experiment with the legal distribution of cannabis in certain Swiss cities, will therefore see the light of day in Lausanne from September 2023.

The Lausanne project for the regulated sale of cannabis, named “Cann-L”, has received authorization from the Federal Office of Public Health, thus joining the projects already validated in Basel and Zurich.

1,200 people, who are already cannabis users and live in Lausanne, will be able to take part in this trial in the Vaud capital. The products will be available in a single point of sale and without medical connotation.

“After the Cantonal Ethics Commission, the authorization of the OFSP marks a major step for our project”, commented Emilie Moeschler, in charge of social cohesion for the city of Lausanne, quoted in the press release. She added that the concrete phase could now start with, as a first step, the launch of registrations.

Necessary for the study, the “local and organic” cultivation of plants can also begin. The first harvest will take place during the summer before they go on sale by September.

These products will be intended “for personal consumption and in the private sphere”, underlines the capital of the canton of Vaud. And to recall that it seeks to study, via this pilot project, “the effects of the regulated sale of non-profit cannabis on the behavior of consumers as well as its impact on the illegal market. »

In Basel, the study on the regulated distribution of cannabis started at the end of January for just under 400 participants. Cannabis is available in pharmacies there.

The Zurich project, which will begin in mid-August, provides for the sale of cannabis in 21 points of sale, including pharmacies, Social Clubs and a drug information centre.

Cann-L’s approach complements those of Basel and Zurich. “All of these projects will feed the reflections on the evolution of federal legislation in the field of cannabis”, indicates the City of Lausanne. Other tests elsewhere in Switzerland could be added to this list, in particular in Vernier in the canton of Geneva.

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