Golden CBD: High Quality and Chill

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Created in 2018, Golden CBD is above all a story of enthusiasts with a credo: Swiss CBD with a THC level less than or equal to 0.3%.

Now distributed in around thirty tobacconists and around ten partner shops, the brand surfs on sure values: fragrant and tasty CBD genetics, a wide range of CBD-based products (infusions, e-liquids , oils, gummies…) and collaborations with artists. And even the Emperor succumbed to Golden CBD!

Discover now the best products from Golden CBD.

Golden Gelato Kush CBD

Golden Gelato Kush CBD

If you are looking for a sweet and light CBD weed with a fruity aftertaste, opt for Gelato and its light cotton candy taste! This flower is said to provide well-being and relaxation in less than 5 minutes, with its 0.18% THC and 4.3% CBD.

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Golden Amnesia Kush CBD

Golden Amnesia Kush CBDGolden Amnesia Kush CBD

Golden CBD’s Amnesia Kush CBD is bound to bring back memories for those who have tasted the real Amnesia. Getting closer in taste and smell to the original genetics, this flower develops just over 3% CBD, a natural rate for a tasty flower.

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Premium 4x CBD

4x filtered hash4x filtered hashGolden CBD’s 4x filtered CBD inherits the best hash-making techniques to reach 0.3% THC and pack 54.9% CBD. Made from CBD and CBG flowers, the trichomes are extracted in an ice water bath boosted with liquid nitrogen.

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