Louisiana adds flowers to its medical cannabis program

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Patients treated with cannabis in Louisiana will now be able to purchase cannabis flowers. This novelty of the beginning of the year is delighting cannabis users. As proof: a large queue forms in front of dispensaries in large cities in this southern state of the United States, such as New Orleans or Baton Rouge, according to local media.

Until then, Louisiana patients had a choice between ‘edibles’ (cannabis food) and sublingual oils. But many complained about this limited choice. First, ‘edibles’ and oils take longer to work. It often takes an hour or two before you feel the effects. While it only takes a few minutes to be stone after a joint.

Then the price was too high according to them. The authorities have therefore made the choice to expand the medical cannabis program, by adding flowers. The argument was this: these will be cheaper because there is no need for industrial processing.

14 euros per gram, “double the black market”

The flowers therefore landed on the shelves on January 1. But the account is still not there, according to the patients. The main complaint: the price, again. “They told us it would be cheaper, but it’s not!, complains a resident suffering from pain linked to a car accident, encountered by the Lafayette Daily Advertiser. I’ve been waiting a long time to be able to buy flowers, but it’s almost double the black market price. “

Indeed, dispensaries offer patients flowers for around 16 dollars (14 euros) per gram. This price can be explained by the strict health standards imposed on producers of medical cannabis. But research shows that if the legal market price is more than 20% higher than the black market, consumers continue to buy on the street. “When there are more patients and more products, the prices will become more affordable” , promises a store manager.

The deputy behind the authorization for the sale of the flower to patients is also worried. “Granted, this is only the first day of flower sales, but I will be monitoring the situation closely to see if there is a need for adjustments.”Tanner Magee told the local newspaper.

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