The first medical cannabis flowers arrive in New Zealand

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New Zealand patients will soon be able to receive cannabis flowers after the arrival in the territory of three Australian products.

The company Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG) is thus the first company to be able to legally sell medical cannabis flower in New Zealand, through the New Zealand company NUBU Pharmaceuticals, which will distribute its products.

“This is a historic moment in medicine for both countries, which means New Zealand patients can finally go to their GP to seek alternative medicine for conditions such as chronic pain and many more,” said Matt Cantelo, CEO of ANTG.

The three approved flowers are Eve (14% CBD and THC < 1%), Rocky (El Jefe, 30% THC) and Mariposa (OG Kush, 14% THC).

Founded in 2015, ANTG holds several cannabis licenses in Australia, including research, cultivation and manufacturing, import and export, as well as a hemp production license, in addition to a GACP certification and GMP.

“We have grown products that have met the required medicinal standards, especially in terms of quality and purity – even more than other countries like Canada, which are leaders in the cultivation of medical cannabis,” said Mr. Cantelo. “Australia’s high standards in the cultivation and production of medical cannabis put us at the forefront of the world. »

While the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme came into force on April 1, 2020 in New Zealand, products are trickling in to patients due to various bottlenecks and demanding bureaucracy for cannabis companies.

For now, New Zealand patients rely mainly on imported products until New Zealand companies, such as Helius Therapeutics and Puro, are able to distribute locally produced medical cannabis.

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