Puffs: fad, environmental impacts

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New fashion among young people, puffs are of concern both for their impact on the health of teenagers and on the environment. Decryption.

The Puffs, what are they?

Puffs are disposable candy flavored electronic cigarettes. Practical, accessible and above all pleasantly scented, they are extremely popular with young people. A real fashion phenomenon in college and high school courses, this version of disposable e-cig is a huge success.

They have existed since 2019 on the new continent. Since then, it must be said that the marketing around the product has been cleverly thought out. Flashy colors, aromas of fruit and sugar, it was enough to seduce the consumer. It is thanks to social networks that it has become popular in France, but it is above all its low price that has made it famous.

Too young an audience and an ecological disaster

Although it is normally forbidden to sell smoking products to minors, puffs are easily available at a tobacconist, some supermarkets and even on the internet. Young people are a public at risk since the puffs contain mainly nicotine and therefore lead to a certain dependence.

On the other hand, in addition to the young audience targeted, what worries the authorities just as much is none other than the pollution generated by these famous Puffs. These small electronic cigarettes must be thrown away in the recycling center, in containers for used batteries or electronic waste. However, teenagers, the majority of users, do not take the trouble to respect the sorting instructions by throwing their disposable electronic cigarette in the trash, or even in nature.

In addition to being a major source of “new waste”, the magazine 60 million consumers is concerned about this additional pollution. At a time when ecology and global warming are no longer a myth, it is important to respect the sorting instructions for disposable accessories and devices. For now, the magazine only alerts to the facts. If you are a Puffs user, be sure to dispose of your e-cig in the dedicated receptacles.

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