What does ChatGPT think of France’s cannabis policy?

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ChatGPT, the chatbot created by OpenAI, has been generating a lot of interest since its debut less than two months ago.

Notable for its ability to answer complex questions, ChatGPT can also write long essays, legal briefs, computer code, poetry… or evaluate public policy.

Out of pure curiosity, I asked him about France’s position on cannabis.

Discussion with ChatGPT

If we ask ChatGPT what it “thinks” of the prohibition of cannabis in France, ChatGPT sets its limits:

ChatGPT “As a language model, I don’t have personal opinions. However, the prohibition of cannabis in France is a subject of debate and there are arguments for and against its use. Some claim that this prohibition has a negative impact on society by creating an illegal market and leading to an increase in crime, while others argue that it helps to protect the health of citizens and prevent the risks associated with drug use. Drug policies vary from country to country and are often influenced by socio-economic and cultural considerations. »

ChatGPT obviously can’t say what it “thinks” since it doesn’t think. But perhaps he will be able to determine whether cannabis prohibition is a successful policy?

ChatGPT “There is no consensus on the effectiveness of cannabis prohibition as a policy. Some claim that it reduced drug use and associated negative consequences, such as road accidents and hospitalizations related to drug abuse. Others argue that prohibition has failed to reduce cannabis use and has instead led to negative consequences, such as increased drug-related crime and stigmatization of people who use it.

There are many models around the world where alternative policies have been implemented and they have different results. Some have chosen to decriminalize or legalize cannabis for some therapeutic, recreational, or medical purpose. These policies tend to reduce the negative consequences of prohibition while providing some degree of control and regulation over the production and sale of the drug.

It is important to note that research on alternative policies is still limited and it is difficult to determine with certainty whether a given policy is more effective than another. It is important that policy makers continue to monitor and evaluate drug policies to maximize benefits and minimize risks to society. »

Ha. Does ChatGPT have any ideas for improving public policy around cannabis in France?

ChatGPT : “There are several ways in which public policy around cannabis could be improved in France:

  1. Decriminalization: By decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use, law enforcement could focus on more serious offenses and governments could recoup funds spent on cracking down on cannabis possession.
  2. Regulatory framework: By regulating the production, sale and consumption of cannabis, governments could ensure that cannabis is produced and sold in a safe and controlled manner, while reducing risks to public health.
  3. Education: By increasing education campaigns about the risks of cannabis use, governments could help individuals make informed decisions about using the substance.
  4. Funding for research: Finally, by increasing funding for research into the medical effects and risks of cannabis, governments could better understand the implications of this substance and help develop more effective policies. »

If ChatGPT says so…

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