In the footsteps of Gorilla Sherbet F1 Fast Version® by Sweet Seeds®

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The cannabis world is currently heavily influenced by the North American market and its cannabis strains with high THC percentages. Sweet Seeds® always works to preserve and improve its genetic collection, available to all, in order to develop high quality cannabis genetics.

The one that interests us today is the Sunset Sherbet (Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties), a famous variety created by Mr. Sherbinski, in a feminized photodependent version with accelerated flowering. The whole family F1 Fast Version® benefits from a shortened flowering of about two weeks while retaining the same qualities as the genetics from which they come.

the Gorilla Sherbet F1 Fast Version®

The work of the R&D department of Sweet Seeds® is particularly interesting to save time, whether to reduce electricity costs indoors or to avoid autumn rains and their inconveniences outdoors. Let’s go back to the Gorilla Sherbet F1 Fast Version® (SWS98) of Sweet Seeds® [Sunset Sherbet x Gorilla Girl XL Auto (SWS82)].

Vigor and scent

The varieties Sweet Seeds® are distinguished by their incredible vigor, which is particularly visible in flowering with a sustained production of pistils that stand out against the bright green of the leaves. The aromas are very sweet and lemony and the resin is present on all the leaves surrounding the flowers. This cross also ensures high yields and great potency.

At the end of their life, the plants see their pistils turn orange, a sure sign of maturity, and the branches become heavy with swollen and sticky calyxes.

Gorilla Sherbet F1 Fast Version® is one of the most worthy representatives of the Cookies family, much appreciated in cannabis dispensaries in the United States where it is prescribed for symptoms related to stress and mood disorders.

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