Christmas 2022: ideas to please smokers

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We are already in November and Christmas is fast approaching. To please one of your close smokers, we have made a small selection just for you! Let’s go !

Pleasing a smoker is so easy!

The smoking universe offers many accessories to enhance everyday life. Whether it’s pipes, cigars or even cigarettes in classic or electronic versions, give a smoker a christmas present is very easy. Focus on the possibilities available to you based on the profile of your loved one.

Everyday useful gifts

The lighter

It is clearly the essential accessory for a smoker. Impossible to light a cigarette, a cigar or a pipe without a lighter. Be careful though, depending on what the recipient of this gift smokes, there are specific lighters! Similarly, depending on the brands and models, prices can vary between a few tens of euros up to several thousand!

The ashtray

It may seem ridiculous to offer an ashtray, however, it is really a useful product since it allows you to collect ashes and cigarette butts! Thus, they do not end up on the ground or in an inappropriate place.

The carrying case

To transport cigarettes, cigars or even a pipe while protecting them from shocks, nothing beats a carrying case. Small, compact and solid, this accessory is very useful, especially if the smoker tends to travel or move around regularly.

Christmas 2022: ideas to please smokers

The cigar

Yes, offering a good cigar at Christmas is an option to be exploited! Although it is not an accessory, you can match it with a cellar for conservation if your means allow it. Otherwise, you can choose a cigar cutter, which is much cheaper and still absolutely essential for tasting the swirls!

The e-cigarette

Another useful gift: an electronic cigarette. Do you have a loved one who is struggling to limit their tobacco consumption or who wants to quit? The electronic cigarette is a perfect accessory to help him. As a bonus, there are some at all prices!

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