Minister of Health assures that Spain is moving towards the rapid legalization of medical cannabis

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The Spanish Minister of Health, José Manuel Miñones, has announced that he will present a report before the end of May to regulate the use of medical cannabis in the Spanish National Health System (SNS). The news came after some parliamentarians complained about the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps) delaying its analysis, which expired in 2022.

Mr. Miñones also apologized for the delay during his first appearance before the lower house health committee. Congress had come out in favor of regulating medical cannabis in June 2022, and the relevant subcommittee had given Aemps six months to issue recommendations.

However, the Minister explained that additional time was needed to ensure patient safety during the follow-up to the report. “It is not bad faith on the part of this ministry, but an excess of zeal,” he said, according to Redaccion Medical.

What is Spain’s plan to regulate medical cannabis?

Once the regulations are in place, it will be possible to dispense medicinal products containing cannabis, which will be available in pharmacies on prescription. According to the Minister, the pharmaceutical industry is already working on the development of a strategic plan on this issue, and he assured that it would be necessary to move forward hand in hand with the other countries of the European Union.

The Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union will establish a list of strategic and priority medicines that will allow greater autonomy for the whole of Europe.

What will be the orientation of the Miñones administration?

The Minister also pledged to facilitate the approval of some pending regulations in the sector, from the Equity, Universality and Cohesion Act to the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Act, which are already being processed. Its management will focus on improving the quality of health care and ensuring faster and more effective access to treatment and medical services.

It will also focus on mental health, childhood obesity, healthy lifestyles and digitization of the SNS. As for medical cannabis, the report that will launch the industry is still expected before the beginning of June.

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