UK’s biggest CBD flower seller opens in France

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The CBD Flower Shop is finally opening its doors in continental Europe to put its exceptional products in the hands of CBD consumers.

And with the opening of their new outlet, The CBD Flower Shop Europe team are happy to offer great discounts on many of their products!

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If you’ve never heard of The CBD Flower Shop Europe, you’re going to be surprised. They consider themselves to be the first legal online CBD store in Europe, offering excellent customer service and fast delivery of quality CBD flowers straight to your mailbox.

All of their products are fully traceable, organic and certified throughout the production chain, with a THC content of 0.2% or less.

All products are made from hemp varieties certified for agricultural use by the EU and are tested in accordance with European regulations. Each CBD flower is grown in protected and specially controlled environments in Italian and Swiss territories.

Some of the amazing products you must try

Among these products is AK-47, an old-school strain that has claimed its glory since the mid-90s. Big CBD buds, the right amount of crystals and a good sticky resin content tie it firmly to the Indica family. Expect a woody, piney aroma with a pungent smell of diesel when the bud is cracked.

Or why not try their Lemon Punch. Grown indoors in Switzerland, this flower is bursting with citrus aromas, hitting your nose with lime and lemon scents, hence its name. She has a fantastic formation covered in crystals, and her taste is distinctly floral with a tart note. Expect an uplifting feeling of freshness.

CBD Flower

CBD Flower

You also have these excellent Popcorn Nuggies – perfection in a small package. These excellent Nuggies won’t burn a hole in your wallet at just a few euros per gram. They are premium, but in a smaller size, with sizes ranging from the size of a pea to the size of a popcorn. The CBD Flower Shop Europe team selects 8g of small CBD flowers from the best-selling strains, so there’s a nice surprise waiting for you whichever strain you receive.

And the CBD Flower Shop Europe doesn’t just stop at CBD flowers – they also have a great selection of other CBD products, like these CBD Ice Rocks. They feature the highest quality CBD percentage with a staggering CBD content of over 80%. Each Rock is created from premium CBD hemp flowers dipped in pure CBD paste and rolled in pure CBD isolate.

Or why not try their exceptional Squeezed Blond Pollen Hash – made from the finest CBD pollen. This popular product is made by extracting trichomes from CBD flowers. The CBD Flower Shop has a unique extraction process that ensures the finest kief is pressed into a creamy blond hash that is easy to crumble.

A final mention is the sublime Bulk Amnesia Pollen from The CBD Flower Shop Europe. You can now order high-quality Moroccan-style “pollen” in bulk, packaged in a resealable tube for your convenience. And like Squeezed Blond Pollen hashish, Bulk Amnesia Pollen includes only the finest kief thanks to The CBD Flower Shop Europe’s unique extraction process.

Your benchmark for quality and price

With the opening of their new European dispensary, you will find many quality products in The CBD Flower Shop Europe at deeply discounted prices. Simply place your order to receive excellent customer service from point of purchase to after-sales support.

Use the online calculator to get the price of your chosen CBD product based on its weight. Then, place it in your shopping cart, click ‘checkout’ and your purchase will be delivered safely to your doorstep. All deliveries are tracked giving you peace of mind and control over delivery acceptance.

Plus, with an easy and secure payment method, you have more peace of mind when paying for your CBD products.

Our team is always happy to answer questions and help customers. If you would like to find out more or buy products from The CBD Flower Shop Europe, click on the links above or email [email protected]

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