What are the different parts that make up a bong?

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Increasingly popular with smokers, the bong is making a comeback. But do you know what it is and how it is designed? This article will explain everything to you so that you can perfect your knowledge on the subject!

What is a bong?

Also called bong or water pipe, the bong is used for the consumption of tobacco or aromatic herbs. It is very appreciated by smokers for its qualitative smoke.

To be mistaken, the bong looks like a laboratory beaker. Of course, there are many models, sometimes classic or convoluted, transparent or colored. They also come in several sizes and various materials.

The different parts of a bong

The bong consists of 6 parts. We will describe them from bottom to top, so that you can understand their usefulness.

The vase

It is a container with a wide shape at the base and narrower at the mouth. A bong can have one or more vases which will also be called percolators. This is where the water is stored.

The plunger (the downpipe or the pipe)

This is the part that dips into the vase and comes out through one of the walls of the bong, hence its name “diver”. This part connects the hearth to the vase.

The hearth (or socket)

This bulb-shaped piece allows you to place tobacco or aromatic herbs. This part can be integrated into the bong or removable. The metal models have screw-in bowls, while the glass models have plug-in male/female bowls.

The carburetor

It is a small hole allowing the extraction of the smoke in the compartment of the bong. This piece is slide on glass bongs.

The chimney (or the tube)

As the name suggests, the chimney is the tube that fills with smoke. It can be straight or quirky depending on the model. It is possible to insert ice cubes to cool the smoke before being inhaled.

The mouth

This is where the user must stick his mouth to suck the smoke from the bong!

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