Myths about pipe smokers

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When one thinks of a pipe smoker, one immediately imagines a bearded man, of a certain age, posed on his rockin’ chair to look far in front of him. If we told you that this is a real myth. Here are the common misconceptions about pipe smokers.

No pipe smokers are not all old

Forget that image of the pipe smoker over 60 in his chair. Today many smokers are very young. They generally take over the family pipes used by their ancestors to learn before buying their own pipe.

Pipe smokers are men

As in the world of cigars, that of the pipe has long been reserved for men. But many women showed themselves hot in the mouth. Even today, there are many women who smoke a pipe, without however showing it in broad daylight.

Pipe smokers are budding philosophers or detectives

Forget this idea immediately. It is not because they are represented in movies, series or even in books that it is a fact. Pipe smokers are completely normal people, even coming from all walks of life.

Smoking a pipe is an art

So again, this is totally theoretical. Since in practice, when we see certain pipes, it is clear that this time is definitively extinguished. Between pipes with dubious aesthetics and those that are not cared for by their owner, can we still speak of art? On the other hand, some of course consider the pipe like a ritual !

Pipe smokers used to remake the world

Here again, here is a nice received idea. When a smoker settles down behind his pipe, it’s not to change the world, but rather to treat himself to a moment of peace. Just as some would work out, take a hot bath, go shopping or have coffee with friends, the pipe smoker finds comfort in his piper.

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