The city of Milan becomes partly “non-smoking”

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In order to fight against air pollution, the city of Milan has opted to make part of its spaces cigarette-free since January 19. Explanations.

Farewell to cigarettes in certain places in the city

Italy was the first European country to ban smoking in enclosed spaces in 2005 for health reasons. Today, the cigarette is again put on the dock and imprisoned for ecological reasons. Indeed, Milan is one of the most polluted European cities, especially because it is located in the Po Valley. Democratic Mayor Beppe Sala thinks banning smoking could help the situation. Indeed, according to some reports, cigarette smoke is responsible for about 8% of fine particle emissions called PM10.

This is how since January 19, it is strictly forbidden to smoke within 10 m of another person. in some public places, such as parks, cemeteries, stadiums, as well as at bus and tram stops. The mayor also announced that by 2025, smoking would be banned on all city streets altogether.

Acting for the climate by banning other small pleasures

The Milanese mayor does not want to stop smoking. Indeed, to drive the point home and obtain convincing results, he also wishes to prohibit fireworks as well as barbecues. For the moment, no implementation date has been given.

As for shops, Beppe Sala has already announced that by next year, shops will have to keep their doors closed in order to avoid overheating or, on the contrary, drawing too much on the air conditioning.

These rather radical decisions were taken in order to respond to the Paris agreements. But it is also an additional protection for citizens. Indeed, by avoiding smoking, their health is preserved, moreover, in this period of health epidemic, smokers will no longer remove their mask to blow smoke into the air.

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