German health commission goes on “weed tour” of the United States and Canada

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According to a very official statement, the German Bundestag is sending eight members of the Public Health Committee from all parliamentary groups in the Bundestag on a trip. The destination of this trip is California in the United States as well as the Canadian province of Ontario, during the week of September 10 to 17, 2022.

In these two places, cannabis has already been legalized and politicians will be able to see firsthand what the legalization looks like in the American state and the Canadian province to possibly draw inspiration from these two models for the legalization of cannabis in Germany. .

We can already give them a few hints. In California, licenses for the cultivation of cannabis cannot be obtained without financial security. Large groups have no trouble affording these licenses, where historical players have enormous difficulty in joining the legal market. Also, state-imposed taxes make cannabis expensive for customers and unprofitable for growers. The illegal cultivation of cannabis continues there and the black market remains very active.

In Ontario, the model is different. The province has more than 1,500 cannabis stores, with a wholesale purchasing and distribution monopoly held by the Ontario Store Cannabis, and recently widely criticized. The latest estimates show that in less than 4 years, 62% of cannabis purchases would now be made on the legal market and that every 100 stores open earn 2 points on the legal market. The delegation has already been able to visit the Niagara College and its Cannabis Research Center.

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