A majority of Austrians for the legalization of cannabis

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Will Germany’s decision to legalize cannabis increase pressure on its neighbors to do the same? A recent survey carried out in Austria shows in any case that the Austrians are also ready to legalize cannabis.

Nearly 50% for legalization

The opinion poll institute UniqueResearch interviewed on behalf of the Austrian magazine Profil 800 people in Austria from February 21 to 24 by telephone and Internet on their feelings about the legalization of cannabis and controlled sales in stores.

In total, 49% voted in favor, with 26% of the participating population aged 16 and over even voting “absolutely” for controlled regulation. 23% answered the question “rather yes”.

Poll on the legalization of cannabis in Austria

The proportion of opponents who would not like cannabis to be legalized rises to 40%. 17% were “rather not” in favor of controlled regulation, and 10% had no clear opinion on legalization.

When asked about access to medical cannabis for patients, support for its use was even higher. A total of 78% of Austrians surveyed were in favor of the availability of medical cannabis. 51% answered “Yes, absolutely”. Only 15% consider the possibility of use questionable, with only 8% voting against use with “No, absolutely not”.

A central front in Europe for legalization

In addition to Germany, Luxembourg has also announced its desire to legalize the personal use of cannabis. Switzerland is also making decisive progress, with on the one hand the holding of pilot projects for the controlled distribution of cannabis and on the other a legislative text which is beginning to be approved by various Commissions.

In Austria, a consumer went to the Constitutional Court which will have to rule on the legal compliance of the ban on the private use of cannabis, which could lead to the need for regulation as happened in South Africa and Mexico.

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