Nevada draws its first 40 cannabis lounges

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Nevada cannabis regulators announced the winners of the state’s first 40 cannabis parlor licenses on Wednesday.

20 of these were awarded by lottery to new independent businesses, half of which went to social equity candidates. The other 20 are for existing cannabis retailers who will be opening social consumer lounges.

the Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) in the state announced the raffle last week, saying it would hold “two raffles via a random number picker.” Regulators say they expect the first salons to open in the “first half of 2023”.

The CCB said earlier this month that it had received around 100 applications for this new type of license during a 10-day period in October.

These developments come more than a year after Governor Steve Sisolak signed a bill legalizing consumer lounges.

Existing cannabis sellers can apply for a separate class of license to integrate lounges to their existing activities.

The CCB has approved the regulation of places where cannabis can be consumed over the summer. The law could also allow businesses that combine cannabis with yoga, serve infused foods, offer THC-assisted massage therapy, or incorporate cannabis in other ways.

The governor is a priori quite satisfied with the law on cannabis lounges of Nevada, writing, “The idea isn’t new, but nobody does it like we do in Nevada.

“While most consumer lounges in other states do not offer food, drink or other entertainment options,” he added, “Nevada lounges will be a one-stop-shop for entertainment for create jobs, develop industry and stimulate our economy. »

According to council-approved rules, consumption must be hidden from public view. Consumption must take place in a room separate from the place of sale. Single-use or ready-to-use cannabis products cannot be taken off-site. And businesses must provide free water to every customer.

The lounges will also be cannabis-only. No alcohol, tobacco or nicotine-based product may be sold there.

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