How to successfully light the shisha charcoal?

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To enjoy a good shisha session, it is important to be able to light the charcoal in the best possible way. To do this, there are many accessories allowing a homogeneous and durable ignition. Explanations.

The success of the shisha session: the ignition of the charcoal depends on it

If you are new to the subject, you may not know that the preparation of the shisha, but especially the lighting of the charcoal, are steps that should not be overlooked for a successful session. We advise you to use natural coal rather than self-igniting coals. Nevertheless, the preparation of the ignition requires specific accessories since they must be heated beforehand to light them. Here are which ones.

Gas or electric charcoal lighter

They are perfect accessories for lighting the charcoal of the hookahs outdoors. They run on gas or electricity depending on the model. They can also be transported easily since they remain light and compact. To light your charcoal, set the flame to maximum for gas models or let the spiral become incandescent for electric models, then place the coals in the receptacle or on the resistance and simply wait until they are red. Don’t forget to turn the coals so that they are red on all sides.

For the price, it is possible to find gas or electric coal lighters for less than 30 euros.

Torch lighters

A practical and ideal solution, the torch lighter, also called a flame lighter or a torch lighter, also allows you to light the shisha charcoal. However, it is rather recommended for self-igniting coals, as it is a rapid ignition system. The price of these lighters is accessible since it varies between 5 and 25 euros.

table lighters

These models of lighters work on the same model as torch or blowtorch lighters. They are also rather recommended for self-igniting coals. On the price side, these are ignition systems at less than 10 euros at the entry level, but which can reach several hundred euros for luxury models.

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