Stilla: quality through the work of cultivars with high terpene yields

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Succeeding in being sold in pharmacies and tobacconists, such is the big gap made by Stilla Laboratoire with its various brands: ByStilla, Rest In Tizz, Seedwell, etc. On closer inspection, this success comes from a very simple: Stilla works from varieties of hemp that he has carefully selected for their high production of terpenes.

Stilla Laboratoire, an Aquitaine company founded in 2019, operates across the entire hemp value chain in France. But if their end products have been able to convince large pharmacy chains – until being the n°1 there (source IQVIA 2022) – CBD shops, vape shops and networks of tobacconists, it is necessary to go upstream of the laboratory to understand from where comes this success.

Stilla cultivars

Stilla Cultivars Filled with Terpenes

Terpenes design

As a company dedicated to quality, Stilla strives to constantly improve its products and services. One of the ways to achieve this is to work from high yielding terpene cultivars. These cultivars, derived from seeds listed in the European hemp catalog, have been carefully selected for their ability to produce a high yield of terpenes, the essential oils that give plants their flavor and aroma.

The benefits of working with high yielding terpene cultivars are numerous. Not only do they provide a higher quality product, but they produce more terpenes in a shorter time. Stilla is thus able to offer a wider range of cannabinoid-rich products at a lower cost.

Along with the benefits mentioned above, terpene cultivars also have a number of other benefits. For example, they tend to be more resistant to pests and diseases and require less water and fertilizer than other types of plants.

Beyond scents, terpenes are thought to be more important than cannabinoids in their effects. A formulation with similar THC:CBD ratios will have very different effects depending on its terpene composition. It is this detailed know-how rich in R&D that Stilla infuses into its products.

The Stilla laboratoryThe Stilla laboratory

Hemp extracts at the Stilla laboratory

Direct producer, direct manufacturer

Stilla’s greatest asset therefore lies in a very short production chain. All of the products marketed by the laboratory have been grown, processed and made on the premises of the Aquitaine company. The terpenes used are only from plants that have been grown in France, with a majority in the surrounding fields, all like the cannabinoids and flavonoids that contribute to the entourage effect of their products.

Once extracted, the terpenes and other cannabinoid compounds go directly to Stilla’s internal laboratory to be processed into full and broad spectrum CBD oils, drinks, CBD products for animals or puffs. Each product is based on proprietary know-how acquired through a few years of work and a patent in e-liquids for puffs for example, or through internal R&D for water-soluble CBD-based products.

The Stilla product rangeThe Stilla product range

The Stilla product range

Needless to add that Stilla is not resting on its laurels (in hemp?) and is already anticipating its future products. The laboratory is thus working on the creation of its own genetics which it will have to include among the authorized varieties before being able to use them industrially. This promises even wider product ranges in the years to come.

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