Mila Jansen, the queen of hash, will be rewarded at the Emerald Cup for her entire career

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The 19th Annual Emerald Cup Awards will bring together the best and brightest in Californian cannabis this Saturday, May 13, 2023. One of the most legendary activist entrepreneurs in the global cannabis community, “Hash Queen” Mila Jansen, will join the celebration as the winner of the Emerald Cup.

A legendary journey

Mila Jansen, the Hash Queen, was born in Liverpool on December 5, 1944. She lived in Amsterdam in the mid-1960s and decided to travel overland to India with her baby daughter in 1968. They did not return until in 1988, when Mila began growing cannabis to support herself and her growing family.

Having observed hashish-making in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, Mila was quick to start making her own hashish. In 1994, she invented the first mechanical dry sifting system that separates trichomes from all plant matter: the Pollinator. This invention earned her the nickname “Hash Queen”, the queen of hashish.

Later came the Ice-O-Lator bags and the Bubbleator, both of which use water and ice in the process. These machines also allowed people to make their own hash. In 2013, Mila organized the first Dab-a-doo, a contest for dry sift, ice hash, solvent-free extracts and rosin. Since its launch, 36 Dab-a-doo events have taken place so far.

In recognition of decades of advocacy for cannabis cultivation and artisanal hashish-making around the world, the Emerald Cup will award Jansen the “Willie Nelson” award (Lifetime Achievement) in 2023.

“I am very happy to come to Richmond to receive the Willie Nelson Award,” Mila Jansen said of her future award. “What an honor to be associated with one of my great heroes. It’s just amazing, wonderful, terribly awesome! »

“A simple look at the prevalence of solvent-free concentrates in the cannabis market today – not just here in California and the Emerald Cup, but around the world – reveals the incredibly positive impact that Mila Jansen has had on how people consume and enjoy cannabis,” says Tim Blake, Founder and Co-Producer of The Emerald Cup.

The Emerald Cup will also award honorary prizes in several categories including the Emerald Cup Prize Breeder’s Hall of Fame for the famous breeder Soma, creator of cultivars such as NYC Sour Diesel and Amnesia Haze.

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