Our president addicted to the e-cig?

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Several clichés abound on the net and in the press for a few weeks: Emmanuel Macron would be a fan of the e-cigarette. On Sunday March 13, an official snapshot put an end to speculation.

A “relaxed” president

For the past few weeks, we have seen photos of Emmanuel Macron dressed in a hoodie, his hair in battle or his face covered with a 3-day beard. Is it an assumed letting go or an argument to seduce his electorate?

Anyway, these photos are not stolen by paparazzi, but indeed taken by his official photographer Soazig de la Moissonnière. It is the first time in 5 years of mandate that the Head of State appears as “everyman”.

It would seem that the stress caused by his electoral campaign and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict after the Covid-19 episode got the better of his nerves. Some newspapers even go so far as to indicate that Emmanuel Macron lets himself go slightly when Brigitte is no longer there to watch over the grain.

Emmanuel Macron de-stresses with the vape

Rumors were telling the truth, the President of the French Republic is a vaper. After several explicit shots that leaked on the internet, on March 13, Soazig de la Moissonnière immortalized the French head of state with an electronic cigarette in his hand.

It must be said that the pressure is at its peak. This end of term is rather eventful and the Head of State, like any human being, needs to dissipate his stress. It is obviously thanks to the e-cigarette that he finds a semblance of comfort.

This is not the only political figure user of e-cigarettes that has been detected by photographers and journalists. One of Emmanuel Macron’s competitors in the race for the Élysée also seems to appreciate the electronic cigarette. Indeed, for the past few months, Marine Le Pen has shunned cigarettes in favor of e-cigs. The results are visible on the quality of her skin and her healthy glow. A contagious habit, since several party faithful have also followed suit!

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