What is retro olfaction?

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Did you know that it was possible to obtain the olfactory characteristics of a food, even when you have a cold, for example? To do this, simply use the famous technique of retro olfaction. This is often used by cigar smokers to develop aromas in the mouth. Explanations.

Discover the retro-olfaction

At the level of the nasal cavity, there is what is called the olfactory epithelium. This small membrane helps detect aromas when eating food or when you smoke. Retro olfaction is the scientific term used to qualify the perception of food flavours. It is also called retronasal olfaction.

As a general rule, retro olfaction is automatic when chewing or swallowing. But it is also possible to force it, so as to amplify the aromas and other flavors. Moreover, many professional testers use this technique when tasting wines, teas, olive oil, chocolate and even cigars!

How to practice retro olfaction while smoking your cigar?

You are cigar enthusiast and want to discover its hidden flavors? Here is how to practice retro olfaction to enhance your experience. Attention, if it is not very complicated to put into practice, the explanation can turn out to be technical.

The idea is to pass the smoke from the mouth to the nose, through the cheeks and jaw. The air loaded with volatile compounds is then conveyed to the olfactory epithelium. It is thanks to the temperature of the breath containing the aromas, combined with the saliva which will make it possible to amplify all the flavors perceived by the classic olfactory pathway.

Some cigarette smokers already realize this method easily without even knowing it. How? ‘Or’ What ? Simply by spitting out the smoke through the nose! You can’t do it? “Chew” the smoke for a few seconds and you will see that a tiny part will automatically leave through your nose.

When you smoke your cigar, remember to develop this technique well known to great amateurs in order to develop all the aromas, and even those sometimes hidden from your stem. You might find yourself rediscovering some of your favorite cigars!

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