Discovering Kenan Ahmet pipes

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Here is a name you need to remember. Kenan Ahmet is a Turkish pipemaker using ancestral methods to design his pipes. Let’s discover this master pipemaker with golden hands.

A know-how of yesteryear for unique pipes

An expert in the art of making meerschaum and briar pipes, Kenan Ahmet is a renowned Turkish craftsman. His pipes of great finesse are of rare quality. All models are exclusively handmade. This craftsman has the particularity of taking his time for the making of each of his models. Indeed, if the most basic are quick to design, the most complex require a lot of patience and great dexterity.

In addition to the know-how of this master pipemaker, he derives his fame from the detail of his models. It must be said that they are particularly worked and cared for so much that some smokers buy Kenan Ahmet pipes as a collector’s item.

Discovering Kenan Ahmet pipes

When the pipe becomes an art object

Passionate about pipes, Kenan Ahmet puts a lot of heart into each of his creations. Depending on the models created, the manufacturing time varies. Kenan Ahmet is quite simply a pipe artist like there are very few. His pipes are sold all over the world. If you’re looking for a unique meerschaum or briar bouffard, chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for at Kenan Ahmet.

Although he has been practicing for many years, his notoriety has gone beyond Turkey and many pipe smokers around the world seek him out to buy certain models. Until then, he only sold in physical shops in Turkey, but he is increasingly exporting through specialized online merchant sites. Its website is currently under construction. It’s a safe bet that it will then be possible to find all his creations and all his models available soon!

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