ICBC: What to expect as legalization spreads across Europe?

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The European continent is at the forefront of reforming the legalization of cannabis for adult use. Late last year, lawmakers in Malta passed a measure regarding adult use, making the country the first in Europe to do so. With 2022 in full swing, many other European countries could follow.

Members of Germany’s ruling coalition have already announced plans to legalize cannabis for adult use and launch a regulated industry for adult use. German lawmakers have not announced a specific timeline for doing this, but hope to do so within the next 4 years.

Cannabis activists in Italy had collected enough signatures to submit to voters a referendum on the legalization of cannabis. However, hopes were dampened by the refusal of the Constitutional Court to take the referendum into account. In Luxembourg, legalization should take place this year.

Switzerland and the Netherlands are both pursuing “pilot programs” for adult cannabis use, under which cannabis will be legal in certain places for research purposes, in order to contribute to the development of possible policies. national legalization. Switzerland already allows the sale of cannabis products containing less than 1% THC. In all measurable areas, cannabis legalization is underway in Europe.

Opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and consumers

These are truly exciting times for cannabis enthusiasts in Europe and, looking to the future, the situation can only continue to improve as more and more countries pursue and adopt sensible reform measures. Each European country that legalizes, starting with Malta, creates a dynamic of reform in the other countries of the continent. Lawmakers must decide whether they want to be on the right side of history and see their countries reap the benefits of cannabis reform, or continue to cling to failed public policy and pass up opportunities that never come. present only once per generation.

Now that the first domino has fallen, we can expect an upsurge in policy changes in the coming years in Europe. It is extremely important for investors, operators and consumers to know what to anticipate and to choose the right moment, because the inevitable changes in policy will create immense opportunities.

The perfect time and place to learn more about what to look forward to in Europe is the B2B event of theInternational Cannabis Business Conference which will take place in Barcelona on March 10. This event is part of the world’s largest superconference, theInternational Cannabis Business Conference once again teaming up with Spannabis.

Jamie L Pearson, President and CEO of Bhang Inc. (CSE:BHNG OTCQB: BHNGF) will deliver the keynote address at the B2B event.

Ms. Pearson is a recognized leader in the cannabis space and brings nearly a decade of experience operating an internationally recognized brand in the ever-changing North American cannabis markets. In her keynote address, she will present her top ten observations on social justice, banking, taxation, well-being and leadership.

Additional speakers

The rich cannabis history and culture in Barcelona, ​​Spain makes it the perfect backdrop for the upcoming International Cannabis Trade Conference to be held in March. The conference is co-sponsored by Bhang Inc and Grow Glide. Following the superconference, the International Cannabis Business Conference will hold one of its famous after-parties. This year, the after-party will be sponsored by Juicy Fields.

The funniest man in the cannabis world, Ngaio Bealum, will be the master of ceremonies at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Barcelona. Other speakers include:

  • Bernardo Soriano Guzmán, CO-CEO, S&F Abogados
  • Guillermo J Fernandez Navarro – CO-Founder, S&F Abogados
  • Nic Easley – CEO of 3C Consulting and Managing Director of Multiverse Capital
  • Luna Stower – VP Business Development, Ispire
  • Òscar Parés – Deputy Director, ICEERS Foundation
  • Sergio González aka Weedzard – President, Movement 420
  • Iker Val – CPO, Sovereign Fields
  • Chloe Grossman – Executive Director of Business Growth, Trulieve Cannabis Corp.
  • Roberto Algar – Managing Director, Curaleaf Switzerland
  • Santiago Ongay – CEO, Sabia
  • Kai-Friedrich Niermann – Founder, KFN+ Law Office
  • Dr. Juana Vasella – Lawyer, MME Legal Zurich
  • Joan Simó Cruanyes – Coordinator of Cananbis Hub UPC
  • Albert Tio – Founder of Airam and President of Fedcac
  • Aaron Smith – Co-Founder and Executive Director, National Cannabis Industry Association
  • Lisa Haag – Founder, MJ_Universe
  • Juanma Fernández – CEO, Easy CSC Group
  • Patricia Amiguet – Founder of the Pachamama Cannabis Association and President of CatFAC
  • Zeta Ceti – Founder and CEO, Green Rush Consulting
  • Ruben Valenzuela Moreno, technical director of Valenveras.

The International Cannabis Business Conference is also organizing other events in Berlin in July 2022 and Zurich in September 2022. You can book your tickets now and take advantage of the early bird discount.

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