Green Exchange Lab: Pioneer in cannabinoid extraction

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With a history linked to hemp and a unique blend of high-end equipment and recognized expertise, Green Exchange Lab is positioned as one of the pioneers of cannabinoid extraction in France. Their journey began with a passion for hemp and an unwavering commitment to cultivating French expertise in the field of extraction.

The importance of extraction

The story of Green Exchange Lab is one of resilience and determination. Their journey into the world of hemp led them to a crucial realization: the importance of extraction in the hemp processing chain. With cannabinoid extraction until recently banned in France, the team honed their skills in neighboring Switzerland.

The frustration of having the know-how but being forced to send French biomass abroad to transform it was palpable. The dream was to develop the French hemp industry, and in 2022, this dream came true when they obtained confirmation from the ANSM to establish a cannabinoid extraction center in France. This is how the Green Exchange Lab extraction center was born on French soil.

Cannabinoid extraction in France

High-end equipment and recognized expertise

Green Exchange Lab is proud to offer a range of services, from expert support to the use of cutting-edge equipment that sets new standards in France. Their mission is to provide hemp producers and laboratories with clear and precise explanations on the extraction processes, allowing them to have all the information and clear traceability from the biomass to the finished products.

At the heart of their capabilities are three distinct extraction methods:

  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction: A cutting-edge method known for its precision and ability to produce high-quality extracts
  • Cryogenic extraction of bioethanol: The only method capable of obtaining the coveted organic label, demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainability
  • Mechanical extraction: Used for “natural” lowering of flower rates, it ensures that no part of the hemp plant is lost

Expertise and quality

Green Exchange Lab relies on a set of fundamental values ​​to carry out all its activities:

Expertise in cannabinoid extraction: Their commitment to excellence means they only offer products and services for which they have in-depth knowledge, from initial seed to finished product. Their ambition is to become the benchmark for cannabinoid extraction in France.

Quality and traceability: The integration of extraction into their laboratory allows them to offer products of high quality and perfect traceability. This level of professionalism is rare in the French hemp industry, and Green Exchange Lab takes great pride in providing it.

Clean production methods: Their cryogenic bioethanol extraction method provides total transparency on the solvents used and certified organic. In the hemp industry, where such certifications are rare, this accomplishment highlights their dedication to sustainability and organic practices.

CBD Extraction Lab

CBD Extraction Lab

Biomass extraction

Green Exchange Lab offers a range of services adapted to the diverse needs of hemp producers and laboratories, and especially derived from the extraction from your biomass with all the necessary documentation to prove the quality of your product.

If you are a hemp farmer looking to harness the full potential of your biomass, Green Exchange Lab’s extraction center will be your partner of choice. It can help you process your biomass to create crude remedied – the first phase of extraction of hemp with a THC level below 0.3%, mother liquor, various distillates, isolates or even complete products based on CBD extracts.

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