Can we grow tobacco in France?

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The answer is yes ! If cultivation is completely legal and easy, on the other hand, it is much more complicated to dry and refine your leaves in order to smoke them. Here’s how to make your own tobacco.

Tobacco seed

Tobacco grows ideally in a warm, dry region. If this is your case, get good quality and preferably organic seeds, which you can find from certain brands on the internet for example. You will have the choice between brown tobaccos or blond tobaccos. Sowing should be done between February and May. Be careful, the seeds are very small and volatile! Handle them with care.

Fill buckets with special seedling soil, then water it before packing it down. Then place a few seeds on the damp surface of the potting soil and cover the pots with plastic film. You can place them in the greenhouse for a few days or at home behind the bay window. All that remains is that the temperature is between 18 and 20 degrees.

Do not remove the film until emergence has taken place (between 5 and 15 days). To water, simply pour water into the saucer under your buckets so that the water rises by capillary action. As soon as the seedlings have appeared, remove the film, then let the plants get as much light as possible and water with a spray bottle. It is possible to thin out your plants if there are too many in a single pot. To do this, simply transplant them into a new pot.

Replanting in the ground

As soon as the risk of frost has passed, all you have to do is plant your tobacco plants in the ground. Be careful, they must measure at least 10 cm, otherwise, they may not hold up! Tobacco likes full sun. Respect a distance of 60 cm between plants for good growth.

The growth of tobacco

Tobacco does not have a lot of water requirements. You should only water when it is very dry. As soon as suckers appear, they must be removed, just like the flower buds before they bloom. This will allow a higher nicotine concentration!

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