Cannabis Spas: Improving Health with Marijuana

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We know the benefits for the body and spirit of spending a whole day in a Spa. They are perfect as a treatment to reduce stress and take care of both the mind and the body. More and more research on the health benefits of marijuana, How about improving your health with marijuana, both physically and mentally? We present you the cannabis spas!

Did you know that the first license to open a specialised centre where they mix spa treatments with cannabis use has just been requested in the United States? The first Cannabis Spa has just been created !

It is hardly known what Cannabis Spas are or the advantages of combining health treatments with the use of the medicinal properties of cannabis. For this reason, we want to reveal to you all the secrets of wellness treatments with marijuana in Cannabis Spas.

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Utopia: Perfect combination between a traditional Spa and the consumption of therapeutic marijuana.

Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge is the first Cannabis Spa centre in the United States that has applied for a license to establish itself as a wellness centre specialised in medicinal therapies with Cannabis.

The perfect setting for this innovative stress or anxiety reduction and health therapy is an old Victorian mansion in Denver, Colorado. It will become a specialised massage, bath and yoga centre where users will be able to consume therapeutic marijuana while relaxing and pampering their bodies. Consumption will be through marijuana vaporisers or directly by smoking cannabis.

It will include a series of medicinal treatments with the aim of improving health and skin with marijuana, that is, through products created with hemp to reduce stress, calm anxiety and improve health through treatments with medical marijuana.

Health treatments with marijuana in Cannabis Spas

What is Ganja-Yoga?

One of the innovative techniques to improve health with therapeutic marijuana is the fusion between Yoga and cannabis useGanja-yoga! Meditation and yoga are very fashionable as a method to combat stress and anxiety.

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What is Ganja-yoga? It consists of consuming cannabis with marijuana vaporisers, smoking or with cannabis recipes and then joining a yoga class. Of course, it is recommended to master the yoga exercises previously.

You will be able to reduce pain and inflammation, enhance concentration and deeper meditation .

Stress and pain reduction with ointments, creams or lotions.

Another type of cannabis spa treatments with marijuana to reduce stress and relieve pain are the use of marijuana ointments, creams or lotions. The products made from hemp have an anti inflammatory effect. The massages will relax the muscles and the patient will notice how the pain disappears. Here’s how to make a marijuana cream.

Marijuana treatments for the skin.

Hemp products are marijuana treatments to improve skin problems thanks to linoleic acid, which is very beneficial for the skin. In addition to being a perfect skin marijuana treatment against anti-ageing, wound healing, improving psoriasis, eliminating acne and other skin lesions.

Aromatherapy treatment with marijuana and hashish baths

The hashish bath is a therapeutic marijuana remedy that mixes marijuana, lavender, chamomile, bath salts… Imagine the effect in the spa pools: not only will they relax, they will also help to leave the skin looking new.

And finally, the tinctures of marijuana. Tinctures are concentrated marijuana extracts, ideal for an aromatherapy session. They are healing, clear the mind, relax the body and all thanks to tinctures.

Improving health with cannabis is possible.

And you, would you go to a Cannabis Spas? What therapeutic cannabis treatment would you like to try? Have you tried health-enhancing remedies with medical cannabis?

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