What are the advantages of pre-rolled cones?

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Pre-rolled cones are attracting more and more consumers. And for good reason: they are very practical in addition to being easy to use. Are you still hesitating to take the plunge? Here are all the benefits of using pre-rolled cones.

A pre-rolled cone, what is it?

As the cost of cigarettes has increased, many are switching to roll-ups. But now, unskilled hands can waste a lot of time and money, because the rolling technique is quite complex.

With pre-rolled cones, you won’t have this problem. Indeed, the cone is already rolled and ready to accommodate your tobacco or aromatic herbs.

Why use pre-rolled cones?

Convenience is most likely the main reason smokers turn to pre-rolled cones. Indeed, the number of manipulations is considerably reduced since half the work is already done! But this is not the only advantage of pre-rolled cones.

The aesthetics of your cigarettes

Pre-rolled cones are calibrated so all your cigarettes will look the same. Your only concern will be gauging how much tobacco or herbs to put into your cones.

Regular burning

The fact of having a uniform cigarette also makes it possible to obtain a homogeneous combustion. Equipped with a good size filter, so you have no risk of a piece of tobacco entering your mouth at the time of inspiration.

The time saving

Obviously, since you don’t have to roll and stick your cigarette, you save time! Especially since there are specific devices to fill even more cones simultaneously. So you can leave in the morning with all your cigarettes ready for the day!

The choice of size

Another significant advantage: you have the choice between several sizes of pre-rolled cones. This therefore gives you the opportunity to prepare small cigarettes for your breaks, for example, so you will no longer crush half an unfinished cigarette with regret at the bottom of the ashtray.

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