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If you are a cigar smoker, you cannot miss the Credo brand. Specializing in smoking accessories, the quality is omnipresent, yet the prices remain within reach of all budgets. Focus on the Credo brand and its cigar accessories.

Credo: the satisfaction of the cigar smoker above all

The Credo brand has built its empire on customer satisfaction. This is why it is constantly renewing its product ranges and innovating in order to satisfy all generations of aficionados.

For centuries, Crédo has been enriched with new techniques, materials and prowess to create smoking accessories that are always of high quality. This is why, in the 21st century, the brand is still number 1 in the world after having flooded and satisfied the planet with its self-regulating humidification system. This small revolution has made Credo an essential leader.

More than 180,000 humidifiers are manufactured annually. It must be said that the technology used is extremely precise and reliable in guaranteeing a humidity level of 70% in cigar cabinets.

Credo smoking accessories

Building on its success with its humidifiers, Credo has launched a very complete range of accessories. Accessible to all budgets, they are essential to be able to smoke your curls in the best conditions. Starting with the cigar cutter, without which it would be impossible to observe a good tasting. Practical and available in several colors and sizes, they will be able to cut the top of your stems cleanly for perfect combustion.

For smokers on the move, Credo cigar cases are ideal. One, two or three cigars, you choose according to your needs and your habits. To control the humidity level of your cigars in the cellar, you can also rely on Credo analog or electronic hygrometers.

To go further, know that the brand also offers cigar repair kits if some are dried up and unstuck. One thing is certain, with Credo, cigar smokers are thrilled!

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