New Bleuh cannabis products marketed as hashish and dried flowers

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The Quebec company Bleuh, which markets recreational cannabis products with a high concentration of THC under its eponymous brand, is marketing four new products, two of which are in the form of Hashish. The trading company would like to be able to export its “Quebec Gold” to France over the next decade!

These new products marketed under the Bleuh brand will be available from February 2022 at Canadian recreational cannabis retailers.

Old school H29 hashish

Old School H29

Made in Quebec in an artisanal way, this hashish with unique aromas will contain nearly 29% THC. This product is the result of a blend made from top quality ingredients from Sativa-type cannabis flowers. The slightly aged product will be sold in a 3.5g format in an amber glass container. Each unit contains almost 1000 mg of THC.

Old school H19 hashish

Old School H19

Old School H19

Lighter than the H29 Old School, this hashish is composed of equal parts THC and CBD, the two most well-known molecules in cannabis. This balanced hash contains around 19% THC and 19% CBD. H19 also contains 3% cannabigerol (CBG), a lesser-known molecule that contributes to H19’s unique aroma. Once inhaled, this product could create a feeling of well-being.

The H26 Sativa

H26 Sativa

H26 Sativa

Marketed in the form of dried flowers, in a 3.5g pocket format, Citrus Rush, the first of its line, is a phenotype resulting from the crossing of two well-known products in the industry: Skunk Tangerine and Do- If-Dos. The H26 brings a pinch of sweet citrus, a spritz of hazelnut cookies and a slightly earthy floral note. Sativa-dominant Citrus Rush pouches will be marketed with THC concentrations ranging between 23% to 29%. This inhaled product may stimulate the appetite and cause a feeling of euphoria.

The H26 Indica

H26 Indica

H26 Indica

This dried flower product containing between 23% to 29% THC will be distributed in a 3.5g format. The Indica-dominant K-Smorz variety will be the first to be released. It is a sweet tasting strain with warm flavors of cookie dough and graham crackers. This phenotype comes from a cross between Zookies and PCS1 strains. Once consumed, this product could induce a feeling of relaxation.

The final word belongs to the vice-president of operations at Bleuh. “Last fall, when we visited France, we saw the popularity of cannabis among French consumers. There is a lot of curiosity and certainly interest,” says Dany Lefebvre.

“When French laws allow it, Bleuh will be in the running to export the famous “Quebec Gold” to France”, confided the vice-president of operations. In addition to the four new products that are about to be marketed, the product collection at Bleuh includes around fifteen new products. It already markets light cannabis products under the De La Ferme brand.

About Blueh

Bleuh is a Quebec company with its head office in Centre-du-Québec. Bleuh is committed to providing quality recreational cannabis products at competitive prices and contributes to the mission of integrating consumers into the legal cannabis market and keeping them there, without promoting the consumption of cannabis.

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