What is the coil of an electronic cigarette?

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Perhaps you have already heard the term “coil” during a conversation between vapers. This is a small essential coil for the proper functioning of your e-cigarette. Decryption.

Dissection of an electronic cigarette: the coil

There are two categories of vapers: those who buy their electronic cigarette in a specialized brand or on the net and those who customize their vape themselves. If you are part of the second category, you absolutely need to know the coil. It is neither more nor less than the resistance of your e-cigarette.

Indeed, it is the first element to choose if you build the resistor + cotton assembly yourself. When an atomizer has only one resistance, we will speak of “single coil”. If it has two, we will rather speak of “double coil” or “dual coil”.

If you are new to this, you can choose to use a “Mesh”. It is a coil in a different format since it consists of a simple metal plate. It is therefore an easier accessory to install at the start. Its role is to allow the vaporization of the e-liquid thanks to the current which crosses it. In other words, it’s a must-have piece.

What is the coil of an electronic cigarette?

What does a coil look like and how to choose it well?

A coil is therefore a metal wire wound on itself to form a kind of spring. Its two ends are straight, allowing it to be fixed in the device. There are various coils of different materials and formats. There are simple ones, such as Mesh and more complex ones, such as twisted, alien or clapton.

Depending on their size and the heating surface, they will tend to be more reactive. Likewise, the size of the heating surface differs. If you are looking to enhance the flavors of your e-liquids, then you will have to opt for a large heater size which also produces more vapor.

Please note: not all coils are universal. A coil in kanthal, will be favored for variable powers or voltages. Those in titanium or nickel can only act on temperature control. Finally, those in stainless steel can be used on all modes.

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