A clear majority of Germans now support the legalization of cannabis

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A recent Ipsos poll shows that more than half of Germans now support the legalization of cannabis. 61% of respondents indicate that they would be in favor of a controlled distribution of cannabis in authorized stores. Only 39% see plans to legalize cannabis as irresponsible and oppose legal sale and use on principle.

In the coalition agreement, the current federal government has agreed to introduce by 2025 controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for consumption in licensed stores. The latest indiscretions from the German Minister of Health also provide for a more ambitious schedule with a presentation of the bill by the end of the year and sales at the earliest in early 2024.

Young people clearly in favor of legalization, older people divided

Although the majority of Germans are in favor of the legalization of cannabis, all generations combined, there are significant differences between the different age groups. While two thirds of 18-39 year olds (65%) are in favor of legalization, they are only a little more than half (55%) in the generation of 60-75 year olds. Among middle-aged respondents (40 to 59 years), the percentage of people in favor of the bill is certainly significantly higher than among older people (62%), but it is lower than that of younger people .

Legalization of other drugs faces public hostility

While a majority of Germans would therefore be in favor of a controlled distribution of cannabis, further legalization of other drugs such as cocaine or amphetamines is strictly rejected by a large part of the population (95%).

However, there are also clear differences between different age groups for this question: Among young people under the age of 39, at least one in ten people (11%) would support the decriminalization of recreational drugs. Among middle-aged people, this proportion is only 4% and among those over 60, it is even less than 1%.

Ipsos survey in Germany

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